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Latest updates coming to isolved People Cloud!

Important changes to isolved People Cloud
going live on Friday, December 3


Release 7.22 – The updates keep coming! We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

Employee Change Log Additions

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a new option into the Employee Change Log to help track adjustments made to Life Events. We have also added “Key” to the PDF version of the Change Log report and updated the layout to landscape versus portrait to ensure all options were visible.


Marital Status Update

We had a request to add Domestic Partner as a marital status, so we have added Registered Domestic Partner as well as several other marital status options to the Marital Status drop down.

  • Chose not to answer
  • Civil Union
  • Divorced
  • Legally Separated
  • Married
  • Registered Domestic Partner
  • Separated
  • Single
  • Widowed

ACA Report Options

We have updated the 1095C forms with the 2021 affordability rate of 9.83%, so that will be reflected as you start previewing your forms next year.

With our last release (7.21) we outlined an updated which allowed you to set a default Safe Harbor Affordability setting but that no logic was going to be applied in that release. This release (7.22) contains the logic updates for these fields.

Click here to view the document with full logic changes


Preview Report

We have added new fields to match the ACA forms to our preview report option. The fields that have been added are:

  • Line 17 for zip code
  • Age on 1/1
  • Plan Start Month
  • We have also added critical errors for age as of 1/1 field, plan start month field, line 17- zip code and

Please review the full document here to see critical error details.


Blended Regular Rate of Pay

We have added in the ability to calculate a blended regular rate of pay for employees with certain types of earnings. Below is an example and outline of how this functionality will work.

Example: California’s meal break penalty and sick earnings both require the rate to be a blended calculation based on other earnings paid in the pay period.

  • The calculation for Blended Regular Rate can be used for any earning where a blended regular rate of pay is requested.
  • The dollars and hours included in the calculation will be selected for the client Earning using a custom accumulator on the client earning calculation parameters.

Note: If an employee’s hourly rate is less than the state, local, or federal minimum wage, the applicable minimum wage will be used in the blended regular rate calculation

Click here to see the full Blended Regular Rate of Pay document for full details


Example Breakdown: The MBreak Penalty Earning was paid out at $27.37. The system averaged out the $22.50 rate used for Regular Hours, $37.18 rate used for the 1 hour of Overtime, and the $200 Non-Discretionary Bonus to come up with the rate for the 1 hour of meal break penalty.

Pay History

A slight change has been made to the layout of the Pay History screen. We needed to make room to display the new Federal and State W-4 options.


PR Youth Exemption

A new automated youth exemption process will begin for employees who are under the age of 26 and earn less than $40,000 of wages in Puerto Rico. This will take affect starting with the first payroll in 2022. The youth exemption amounts will show up in the appropriate box on the PR W-2.

Note: There is an opt out option available under Employee Pay > Tax Information. You can add detail into the “Other Income Amount” field as shown below to bypass the youth exemption.


Reminder: This change will start in 2022, so if you are managing PR employees in 2021 the exemption process will not be automated.