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Latest updates coming to isolved People Cloud!

The most important changes to isolved People Cloud
going live on Friday, August 6


This release will focus on increasing privacy for users and improving general user interface.

This release is all about making our platform easier to understand and making it clear to see the big picture. The following new features and developments have been included.

Managerial Assignments

Allow your team to see the full picture with this latest update. This new analytic will provide users an overall view of who reports to who as well as view projects assigned to them.

To give the entire overview of the client management structure, there will be no security restrictions within this analytic. However, personal information will remain private and will not be available when in this view.

Within this analytic, there will be a variety of configurations available through multiple tabs organized by employee, supervisor, manager, and job.

Employee Assignments

Under this tab, you will find a list of employees with their current job records and assigned supervisors and managers as of today.

If an employee is assigned to a terminated supervisor or manager, they will see a warning icon addressing the termination. This icon will also serve as a notice so the responsible user can update employee records with replacement supervisors/managers as needed.


Supervisor and Manager Assignments

Both Supervisor and Manager Assignment tabs on the Jobs screen are set up similarly.

All supervisor and managers will have their job title and work location displayed along with the number of assigned employees. When expanding the selection, users will see all employees listed under the selected supervisor or manager along with their titles and work location.

If a supervisor or manager still has employees assigned to them upon termination, they will continue to show in this list with a warning to let the user know this supervisor or manager is terminated. Once all employees listed under the terminated individual have been reassigned, the terminated individual will no longer be displayed.


Job Assignments

Any employee that manages and/or supervises others will be displayed on this tab when they have a job assigned to them.

Upon release, both the System Pending Terminations screen and the Managerial Assignments screen will be assigned to the SB New Menu Administrator role so system admins can determine what roles to assign these screens to for their environment.


Jobs/Job Updates Manager

If you’re currently managing more than one legal company in isolved, then you’ll be excited to hear this! Users will now have the ability to search managers/supervisors across multiple legal companies.

This feature will be available through the Jobs Screen under Job.


Employee Absences

Two fields under “Employee Absences” have been updated and a new “info” button has been added for more information when necessary.

The checkbox options “Exclude from Accrual Calculation” and “Exclude from Earning Calculation” are now “Do Not Adjust Accrual Balance” and “Do Not Pay to Employee” respectively.