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Latest updates coming to isolved People Cloud!

The most important changes to isolved People Cloud
going live on Friday, July 23


This release will focus on increasing privacy for users and improving general user interface.

Self-Service Management Account Status tab

This update will allow users to view current ESS account status through a friendlier user interface. Over 15 column options are now available on the dashboard to allow for column selections, grouping, filtering, searching, and reporting..


Client User Document Access

In addition, accessibility and restrictions have been implemented to the Employee Document User Interface. Each user’s access rights will be determined by their setup. Users that do not have access will receive the following message: “You do not have access rights to this document category.”



Masked Fields in Employee Profile and Employee Summary Screens

To increase Date Privacy for users, the Employee SSN and the Date of Birth have been masked on the Employee Profile and Employee Summary screens. Personal information usually displayed with numerical values will now be displayed as “X” whenever new data is entered.

For example:

  • Social Security numbers will now display as “XXX-XX-XXXX”
  • Birth Date numbers will now display as “XX/XX/XXXX”

Celebrating Juneteenth

Finally, in accordance with the legislation signed into law on 6-17-21, Juneteenth has been added to the Federal Banking Holidays table. Some Payroll Run Schedules have already extended into June 2022, so this holiday will need to be manually updated to the current payroll schedule. A report can be run to export a list of clients who will need to be updated manually.