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Latest updates coming to isolved People Cloud!

The most important changes to isolved People Cloud
going live on Friday, June 11


Benefit Enrollment Changes

We are excited to announce there will be visual updates to benefit enrollment that roll out with our 7.10 product release scheduled to go live Friday, June 11. There are no setup changes needed on your end for the updates but anyone who is currently in benefit enrollment will see the changes.

For additional information, please view our documentation on the University

Here is a quick look on what will be updated:


Refreshed Look and Feel for Employees

  1. Enrollment menu now broken up by sections to match upcoming Adaptive Employee Experience release
  2. Elected Benefit Cost Card added to the right side of the screen. Costs will now update in real time vs user needing to save a plan page first
Refreshed Look and Feel Image

Auto Selecting Plans

When “Auto Select Benefits” is set to “True”, the employee will no longer need to select the plans, isolved will auto select for them.

Auto Selecting Plans Image

Beneficiary and Dependents

More details shown for beneficiaries and dependents

Beneficiary and Depenedents Image

Tobacco Use Status

  • Name has been updated to Health and Wellness
  • Relationship added next to all dependents
Tobacco Use Status Image

Current Elections

  • Renamed to Current Benefits
  • Accordion-style format
Current Elections Image

Current Benefits

Buttons to select coverage codes rather than drop downs

Current Benefits Image


  • Removing the option to allow waivers of coverage. New verbiage added to allow employee election to not contribute
  • If employee elects not to contribute, $0 contributions will be defaulted
401(k) Image

Review and Submit Pages

There are two different views:

Review will cover any areas that have outstanding items that must be completed before submitting. List of review items that occur during the release process will be in the release notes.

Review Image

Benefit Enrollment Submission
Benefit Enrollment Submission gives a visual to break out the contributions for employee and employer. This is in a pie chart format showing annual contributions along with plan details.

Benefit Enrollment Submission Image